Bibi Vari from Australia


I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. I have had the pleasure of living at the Friendly Gecko Guest House and volunteering at the help2kids children’s home. During my time I have learned to love every last one of the more than thirty children whose lives are simply amazing due the energy, resourcefulness and good hearts of staff and volunteers alike. I have watched the changes management and staff have put into place for the benefit of the guests, staff, volunteers and of course the children. A new exciting move is the installation of solar for the children’s home. Watch this space.

The hostel is so warm and inviting and the people that pass through, so interesting. I honestly don’t have a complaint but know if I did Lauren, the boss here would have it fixed in an instant. I was lucky enough to work under Karina and Mama Leah at the children’s home and watched them implement structure into the children’s lives with extra tuition and interesting projects. I was able to teach at a real school like a real teacher and enjoyed watching the students greedily soak up the simple information I had to offer. Christian, one of the founders was visiting during my stay and I was able to watch with amazement as he jumped huddles, plenty of them in Tanzania, and sourced new projects. This is done with his team and all avenues are carefully scrutinized before a decision is made. Hey everybody, I know things you don’t know so when decisions are made there will be more amazing things happening with this organization. Stay tuned. I also want to thank Frank, the other founder, for making the organization what it is today.

Thank you guys for looking after me and allowing me the privilege of Easter egg hunts, swimming in the Indian Ocean, playing and working with the children and having the time of my life with good people. This is supposed to be just a news story on what is happening lately but I have stolen the opportunity to share my joy at having been accepted into the help2kids and Friendly Gecko family.

Asante Sana Sana! (Thank you very, very much!)