Jenna from the USA


My name is Jenna Wolff. I spent almost three months volunteering at the help2kids children’s home and English project in 2011. The experience was wonderful! The kids were great and such a joy to work with. From English classes to face painting, football games to field trips, every day was an adventure. All the employees at the children’s home are amazing people, and they made us volunteers feel welcome and useful.

The help2kids organization did a great job of creating a fun and productive work environment. Volunteers have the opportunity to bring their own ideas and creativity. The employees were very open to suggestions and always willing to try new things. The organization was especially helpful because they introduced me to so many other people in the area. I had the opportunity to get to know social workers, teachers, and community leaders, which really enhanced my understanding of Tanzanian life. They even helped many of us find Swahili teachers, so we could learn to communicate better in our new community.

The living situation while volunteering was great. The house is beautiful and spacious, and so close to the beach! I always felt safe in our neighborhood and really enjoyed getting to know the shopkeepers, vegetable vendors, and restaurant owners nearby. It is very easy to get public transportation, in order to explore the rest of the city on your time off.

I would highly recommend help2kids to anyone who is looking for a volunteer experience. It provides the whole package- a fulfilling job, support, a great neighborhood, and the chance to experience a new way of life!