Martin, Claudia with Flavio and Leana from Switzerland

testimonials-martin-claudia-215x158 Going to Africa as a family to help the kids- why not? We left the German comfort at home and spent our summer vacation with the children from help2kids. It was a strange and wonderful adventure for us.
The biggest problems for our children were dealing with the language, the new food, and figuring out their roles at the projects. However, the friendliness and the laughing of the kids, dispersed our worries. We had a great experience, which we never want to forget. Every morning all of the kids greeted us by shouting “hello teacher” and holding our hands. It was so nice. Flavio and Leana felt very integrated and got to know the kids. After a while they built relationships with the kids.
In the afternoon we spend time at the children’s home and had many amazing moments there. We played games with the kids like playing with clay or drawing pictures with crayons. We have a lot of funny and amazing memories of the kids.Our family enjoyed every day in Dar es Salaam. It was a wonderful experience, especially for our kids!
From our heart – Asante Sana!