Marvin and Johanna from Germany


We are Marvin and Johanna from Germany. We are 23 and 25 years old and one of the reasons we choose help2kids is to be teachers at the primary school. This organization has its focus on teaching and working with kids and all donations are used for the projects in school and the projects in the nursery school.

When we arrived at the Kazembe-Primary-School for our first time, we felt more than welcome. Especially Mr. Kamutu, the principal of the school, was very glad to see us and we were soon involved in the English and Mathematics lessons. After a week we started teaching s on our own and now we already have our own class (Standard 6). There is always a teacher to translate but the preparation and the arrangement are our tasks.

Actually it’s not easy but the kids get more and more into it and it’s interesting to see how they develop, although there are not the best conditions to learn. There are always too few books and the kids in one standard aren’t at the same level of knowledge. So every day is a new challenge! 😉

Every afternoon we arrange the kids corner, where we do some arts and crafts or play games with the younger kids around the school and everyone who wants to join us. You always have kids around and it’s easy to take them to your heart. We also offer the English corner for the older kids (Tuesday and Thursday) and the English training for the nursery teachers (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), where we just play some language-games or teach them the basics. It’s always a good atmosphere, because they don’t see the volunteers as teachers. We are just friends who teach friends.

The weekends are more or less a kids-free time and we always explore the surroundings of the village to find the most beautiful place to relax! And we can tell you, that there are a lot! 🙂

Our next stop will be the help2kids guesthouse in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) and we’re excited to meet a lot of nice people like we did in Lifuwu!