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Volunteering with help2kids lets you experience Tanzania and Malawi firsthand!

Volunteering help2kids Tanzania

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Our volunteers play an important role in our projects, providing much-needed support, assistance, and individual attention that is crucial for children’s growth and development. As a volunteer for help2kids you will be participating in a meaningful way in projects that are valued by the communities with whom we work. Your work makes a difference!

help2kids offers 15 volunteer placements in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and 14 volunteer placements in Lifuwu, Malawi. You may choose to split your time between the projects in Tanzania and the projects in Malawi; often volunteers choose to spend one month or longer in each location. Lifuwu gives you a feel for rural village life while Dar es Salaam introduces you to a fast-growing, bustling African city.

Our team in Tanzania and Malawi comprises approx. 30 permanent employees (local and international). As a volunteer you will experience first hand the work of a very international team in Africa.

The volunteers are accommodated at the Friendly Gecko in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Lifuwu (Malawi). The Friendly Gecko Volunteer Houses offer a convenient and safe accommodation at a reasonable price. Our Volunteer Coordinator is supporting you to settle in and helps you with your new tasks at the projects. Every week a volunteer meeting takes place to coordinate the work of the volunteers, the needs of the projects and to share experiences and stories.

You should be at least 18 years old and willing to stay at least two weeks in Tanzania or Malawi. At our volunteer houses "The Friendly Gecko," we offer a comfortable and safe stay with friendly staff on-site.

Information about the costs for accommodation, meals, administration and in-country support can be found here.

In Tanzania, volunteers have the choice to support us on the following projects:

Our projects in Tanzania are all located in and around Kunduchi in Dar es Salaam (approx. 30 minutes by car from the city center). Click here to see our map.

In Malawi, volunteers have the choice to support us on the following projects:

Our village Lifuwu in Malawi is very safe and the people are very friendly and welcoming. The village is small and the people mostly live from fishing in the lake of Malawi or from farming. All our projects are located in short walking distance from the guest house.

Volunteering help2kids Tanzania

We also offer private lessons in Swahili or Chichewa with our language teachers who comes directly to the guesthouse. Though many people do know English, it’s often on a basic level. These optional language lessons help you immerse yourself in Tanzanian and Malawian life and get the most out of your experience.


Would you like to support us in Tanzania or Malawi?

For more information about volunteering with help2kids in Malawi and Tanzania, please click on this link (Download PDF) to download the general volunteer information document.

Our application process is simple and easy. As a first step, please fill out the signup form. It is not binding and we just need it to check whether there is a volunteer placement available during your requested time and to send you more information regarding your placement, the costs and the visa. At the end you will receive the access information to our secured volunteer website with a lot of additional information for your stay in Tanzania and / or Malawi.

As mentioned above, please fill out the following signup form and we will let you know about the availability of a volunteer placement and all other necessary information.

»The organization help2kids and our volunteering programmes are under Swiss management. Over 600 volunteers have trusted help2kids in the last years.«


Volunteer Impressions from Tanzania


Volunteer Impressions from Malawi